About Radiowebjay

The music format

Radiowebjay’s music format doesn’t make you dance but… it seduces and induces you to the rhythm by a cyclic vibe featuring up and down beats, from ambient to electronic and/or acoustic lounge groove. An intese and sensual rituality for  moments of conversation, fun, banquet, socialization and simple meditation.

The history

The project of Radiowebjay.com was born on summer 2004, early years of hard-disk djing, when Mario Panda Voiello, fm air personality, and Lello Carvelli, owner of Noblesse Oblige events agency, organized a ‘Vintage Event’  at Bar Bianco in Milan inspired to the soundtrack of the famous movie “Oceans Eleven”.vintage event poster at bar bianco in milan

By consequence an hybrid musical ambient where to co-live rock n’ roll of Roy Orbison with 60′s pop of Tom Jones, arriving to Lady Madonna of Beatles or Crocodile Rock of Elton John, till dance of Madonna or rap of Grandmasterflash.

To realize a soundtrack of that importance, such as to ‘tatoo’ the disenchanted ‘casual chic’ young adult international target of Noblesse Oblige, in such a magnificent natural set of ‘Castello Sforzesco’, it might not result the right choice to combine a deejay-set featuring a normal consolle with a standard equipment of vinyls and cd. bar bianco terrace in milanIt was a matter to handle with extreme agility a repertory of over 6.000 titles, each of them featuring its own ‘typical’ sound dynamic of those years to homogenize and normalize to ‘live sound’ requirements of today’s outdoor location. So we decided to experiment a totally digital consolle, based on professional notebook and external higher performance hard disks interfaced by a remote control platform, able to process either the sound quality of the library in ‘real time’ or to generate strategic playlists so to offer a back n’ forth in time emotion to the people, and without the physiological slowness and inaccuracy of ‘traditional’ supports.webradio worldwide streaming image

“Vintage” was an original one night, probably innovative, and according to following analysis we supposed an online development of entertainment such as to overcome any barrier of geographic and cultural localization.

The upgrade of the project concerned on creation of a real worldwide 24/7  webcasting ’new media’, based on successfully tested at Bar Bianco production model .

On the middle 2005 the very first tests began, after a deepen study to define the right balance between software, hardware and connectivity, able to assure a professional level streaming performance. One year later, invited by Johnie ‘Floater’ Fodor and Mark Lam, broadcasting manager and CeO of Live365, the media had been relayed on their webcasting platform with the name ‘radiowebjay.com’. live365 webcasting platform logoIt was a well choosen name as it evocated the originary idea to perform a ‘deejay-set’ on ‘web’, so ‘web-jay’.

The planetary dimension of internet suggested to change the originary musical format as the perception of ’vintage’ in the memory of a country it could not be the same to another, so we choose a format geographically ‘neutral’ and some way ‘original’: ambient groove. An ‘hybrid’ box featuring electro lounge, acid chillout, smooth downbeat and Lo-Fi, oriented to adult and young adult targets drawing together the trends of freetime consuming.radiowebjay old homepage frame Ambients made of highest quality music and sound aiming to create an intense and surreal soundtrack expecially suitable to luxury contests like fashion events, lounges of starred hotels, exclusive drink clubs and, in abstract sense, to ‘meditative’ moments of life. Of course all that without indulging in typically ‘commercial’ sequences, still not renouncing to remarkable peaks of rhythm and always at the sign of top class music programming. A great cared sound pad, coming from every day next to perfectionism screening in repertory of known or less musicians, present in markets far from mass circuits but extremely creative and first rate, intended to satisfy over-refined audiences.

In that sense we privileged technical investment which made the sound of radiowebjay one of the most competitive and recogntuner2 aac+ webradio directoryizable in the outline of internet radio. Infact since 2007 radiowebjay.com is stable at first places of chillout genre stations showcase by www.tuner2.com, the exclusive directory dedicated to webradio using ‘aac+’ protocol, created by Orban the world leader in sound processing for professional FM and AM broadcasting.nokia internet radio service logo Again for its well-done entertaining standard, radiowebjay is partner of Nokia for the mobile platform ‘Nokia International Radio Service’ since 2008. Moreover, for itluxury24.it web magazines own natural versatility to luxury and fashion contests, Radiowebjay has been successfully used like soundtrack of Luxury24.it, luxury magazine of IlSole24ore web portal, as example of ‘branded business media’. Production elements itself bound to ‘planetary’ audience of web, so much that whole jingles package is multilanguage with slogans in: french, english, spanish, german, russian, portuguese, chinese, polish, arabic, swedish and italian.

english flagswedish flagspanish flagrussian flagportuguese flagpolish flagitalian flaggerman flagfrench flagarabian flagchinese flagempty space imageempty space image

Thanks to such will, done with passion and professionalism, every year over a hundred thousand worldwide listeners connect to radiowebjay.com, and clickrates are constantly growing.